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FOX Business
Oct 24, 2012 1:00pm EDT
with us. doug, i can't to start with you first because i thought your notes were flat-out interesting. you say the fed is flat-out interfering with the markets. how so? >> i think they are. the law of unintended consequences i mean their qe3. i was all for qe1, qe2, operation twist. i think qe3 is crossing the line and i think they're interfering with the markets and the unintended consequences is if they are not doing with this policy we might have resolution on fiscal cliff. we might have resolution on growing debt. we might have pro-growth economic policies. i think they need, they're doing too much. ashley: let me bring in steven with that in mind, what doug just said, do you expect perhaps the fed to consider expanding qe3 to compensate for the end of operation twist? is that a possibility? >> i think it is more than a possibility. i think it is probably going to happen but not at this meeting. i they will defer that decision until december and make it at that point. they will have the benefit of a couple more labor market reports between now and then as they try to assess what the ec
Oct 24, 2012 6:00pm EDT
even stronger today as it moves over jamaica and heads to cuba. doug kammerer has more on how sandy could have an impact on us here. doug? >> it really could have an impact on our weather as we make our way into the weekend and early next week. hurricane sandy with winds of 80 miles an hour, just off the coast of the eastern portions of jamaica right now. really hit that eastern side very, very hard. winds upwards of 80 miles an hour, with stronger gusts. trees down, power outages there. now it's on its way over toward cuba. video a little bit earlier this morning as it was making its way onshore. the incredible surf this storm is producing, we'll see it move up the east coast over the next few days. it will be in cuba, bahamas, florida, carolina also, and portions of the northeast. the potential is there for this to be a very dangerous storm. here it is right there. winds right now 80 miles an hour. moving to the north at 14 miles per hour. on that track, moves very close to miami, just off the coast there. and then right up the coast, staying offshore through most of this time per
FOX News
Oct 28, 2012 1:00pm PDT
of ours. >> gregg: doug is live in delaware where residents are anxiously preparing for sandy? >> it is basically here right now. winds are gusting probably about 30 miles an hour. gusting a bit more than that. gust comes along and knocks you off your feet a little bit. this is shaping up in this area as a classic storm coming out of north-northeast. it is typically in this region. nor'easters cause more damage than hurricanes. it's called the ash wednesday storm of 1962, johnf. kennedy was president. hundreds of buildings were destroyed in this area, literally thousands of buildings were badly damaged. president kennedy declared a disaster area. because of that and characteristics of this storm so closely mirror that, the governor of delaware has called for a mandatory evacuation all people are suppose to that out of the beach by 8:00 p.m. tonight. by our perusal of the beach a lot of people are not heeding that advice. we a that you sau a couple people step in the surf. authorities got them out of the waves. a little while ago i saw a woman running down the beach with a todd
Oct 26, 2012 10:00am PDT
. joining me now, doug glast brinkley, historian. doug, let's -- i want to get this out of the way. it is a remarkable thing, the piece is long, it is detailed and yet, one word the president uttered as an aside has gottens the attention. are you surprised or did you know when you wrote the piece that might be the thing that would grab folks is. >> i was surprised. when it first came out, the associated press and "the washington post" focused on president talking about the supreme court and affordable care yesterday. even yesterday that hit the blog and had its day of infamy and seems to be repeating today. >> now i want to talk about -- i like the day of infamy. some of the other stuff that's in there. and one of the things i was struck by in the interview is, the level -- i don't want to say it's distaste barack obama has of mitt romney but he's dismissive saying this is a guy who doesn't believe what he says. could you get that from the interview? did the tone and his willingness to say that as bluntly as he said it surprise you? >> the oval office interview took place for 45 mi
Oct 17, 2012 6:00pm EDT
goodness, what a gorgeous day it was today. so fine, in fact, that doug doesn't even want to be in here with us, he's outside. and who can blame him. >> that's exactly right. don't tack personal offense. it's nice out here right now. really, one of the best days we've seen, and i think we're in for a couple more of these. maybe a little fly in the oinment here could come in the form of severe weather. looking at plenty of clear skies. the sun going down quickly. winds out of the south at about 5 miles per hour. everybody still in the 60s. 63 in gaithersburg, fredericksburg coming in at 71 degrees. so nice and mild. rain, not tonight. but tomorrow, take a look at what's back to the west. a big-time storm. a very strong storm coming through portions of the middle part of the country. we'll talk about that storm and what it's going to bring through us. it does bring a chance for severe weather. i'll show you when and who gets what coming up in my forecast. >>> coming up, safe at home. >> that was the hardest part was laying in a tent for many days hunk erd down in the rain thinking about w
Oct 25, 2012 2:30am PDT
send doug fister to the mound against mad some baumgardner. >>> president obama won't get a chance to see a whole lot of the world series but when asked to choose between tigers and giants, the president did not hesitate to pick a winner. >> this is one of those presidential decisions, no matter what you say it's going to upset some people. you're going to vegas, going to place a bet on the world series, who you got? >> they're both great teams. detroit beat -- they beat my white sox out of a pennant, so they're an outstanding team. i will say that, you know, i have spent a lot of time in detroit lately, and, you know, i didn't want to let detroit go bankrupt. >> right, right. >> so, there's -- in this particular world series i may be a little partial. >> san francisco fans might not be thrilled with that pick but it's probably not going to cost him the state of california, i'm guessing. >>> coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe" with 12 days until the electric, wall-to-wall swing state campaigning as new polling from ohio shows how early voting could impact the race. we
Oct 21, 2012 5:00am PDT
and performers like doug e. fresh, melanie fiona, fred hammond, and laz alonso. the 365 black awards. see it all at i'm tai davis and this is good news. ♪ [ voice cut. >>> that wraps it up for this edition of "our world with black enterprise." visit us on the web at blackenterprise/our world. thanks for watching. we'll see you next week. -- captions by vitac --
Oct 10, 2012 6:00am PDT
, former spokesman for the democratic congressional campaign committee doug foreign nell and from the now romney superpack. so we could really walk out on the house debate. ann i want to put up our top ten markets, these are the most saturated ad markets for the eighth through the 14th. norfolk, cleveland, florida, virginia plus ro colorado. flohva and then colorado, iowa, wisconsin those are the six. >> this is the map, this is the place that we all want to visit and the people there probably want to flee by now. we have known this map from the outset and the map hasn't changed. that's one of the interesting things. despite all the ups and downs, we are in this same map. >> that is an interesting point that, is that a yellow flag for romney? he's doing well, everything's popped for him. but you know the map hasn't changed. >> but the map has gotten better. before the debate, we saw it tight. si since the debate, he's not within the margin of error, he's going to be up. i think going into the 12re67, he's exactly where he needs to be. >> you're not concerned that the maps never really exp
Oct 25, 2012 1:00pm PDT
-a-sketch, but doug brinkley's piece offers a quite different view. can i quote, obama must be judged by the things he won't allow to happen on his watch. wall street thieving, bush-style nis c fiscal irresponsible, the reversal of roe v. wade. if he loses romney and ryan will crush his initiatives without remorse. that's right, isn't it? if you're a young person who is currently covered by health care, you can kiss that good-bye. if you're a young person who is relying on pel grants, you can kiss that good-bye. >> if you take mitt romney at his word, there's no way the industry will accept it unless you have a mandate which he also dislikes. his promises or at least the things he says he likes doesn't stack up with what he says he will deliver. to doug's point, if you think the reforms that this president and the last congress enacted are going to stop wall street thieving, you're smoking something that rolling stone probably understands very well. you know, this will not stop wall street thieving. the fact that wall street hates this president may be a feather in the cap for some progressives and ma
Oct 24, 2012 5:00pm PDT
in three years. >> reporter: doug got slapped with $164 new patient fee simply because it had been too long since his last visit. like the airlines, doctors are getting creative with fees charging for everything from phone conversations to calling in a prescription and, yes, asking questions. >> my doctor says what questions do you have? and i had a little list and i said this, this and this. >> reporter: but it turns out asking questions can also be your best defense against surprising fees if you ask them in advance. when making your appointment, ask point-blank, how much will it cost me and are there extra fees? >> i would never have known had i not taken the time to call. >> reporter: there is no requirement to disclose fees up front but your doctor should be willing to answer specific questions like will i be charged for questions or do you charge a fee to fill a prescription? many new fees are not covered by insurance. >> so how many extra questions could you have in the appointment? do you have to say these are my top three? >> reporter: usually you make an appointment for a reason.
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 1:00am PDT
, this doesn't happen. let me just say something. i'm going to say something both that doug said. presidents when i was in the presidential campaign with jimmy carter we were not allowed to bring foreign policy in, what i said about the president going to las vegas while the consulate was still smolders and goes off for a fundraiser and people would have been crucified. i remember after the seizing of the hostage in '79 when myself and other top members members of the campaign handful of us begged him to campaign we were in a tight race with ted contend. he absolutely refused. i need to be here. i can't do this on the road. >> bill: president obama's decision to go it vegas is obvious. >> but also this narrative to put out a narrative when you know differently as we had heard. >> bill: who put it out. >> the white house. look, you have a national security advisor who was a politician and a political operative tom donilin who was also the person. and the white house susan rice was not in the line of what was she doing out sunday doing five shows? she is not in the chain of command on this. >>
Oct 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. >>> it was a less-than- enjoyable moment for doug fister in the second inning last night. the tigers starter got hit in the head by a comebacker. he stayed in the game giving up just one run i six innings. >> i talked to him on the plane. i had a nice conversation. i'm a little about it because this morning he didn't remember our conversation did no, just kidding. he will be checked out today. >> game three starters for san francisco: ryan voling song 2- 0 in the post-season with a 1.42 e.r.a. versus a familiar face anna balance sanchez 3-1 against the giants. while the giants are filling the void for some hockey fans hope for a 2012 season took another big hit today. >> seems like a stubborn group. school. >> they told me a lot of things they are trying though do, trying to find ways and it's one sided from what i'm hearing. >> a month later it seems like nothing has changed. today the nhl announced they have canceled all of their games for november resulting in an estimated $720 million in lost revenue. >>> tiger woods in malaysia playing in the cimb classic where the purse is over $6 million. ti
Oct 24, 2012 9:00am EDT
attorneys general with us today, doug gansler of maryland, scott pruitt of oklahoma and luther strange of alabama. the moderator of this panel is thurbert baker who served as attorney general of georgia for 13 years under three different governors. while in office he focused on consumer protection issues and helped push through georgia's mortgage fraud statute, the first of its kind nationally. thurbert is and was a leader in the ag community. he served as president of the national association of ags from 2006 to 2007, and he is currently a partner in the atlanta office of mckenna, long and aldridge. thurbert? >> good morning and thank you, lisa, so much for that kind introduction, and also thank you for the leadership you and your outstanding team are providing around the country and in particular issues that involve the business community. you've been a positive effect for all of us, so we appreciate your work. ladies and gentlemen, good morning and welcome to a conversation with state attorneys generals. it's not every day, i believe, that we get a chance to have an open dialogue wi
Oct 25, 2012 10:00am PDT
with "rolling stone" and doug brinkley, the historian and the editor apparently asked him, as he was leaving the oval office -- follow me here -- he asked him about little kids and how kids react and obama grinned and said i do very well in the key demographic ages 6 to 12, i'm a killer. and they're joking around and the editor thought about lower the voting age and obama said, the president said, you know kids have good instincts they look at either guy and say, well, that's a bser, i can tell. i cleaned it up. i don't know how this plays but it seems this is the president unvarnished and "rolling stone" had it on the record and put it up. >> that's clearly a moment talking about what happens in the world that isn't the high intensity stakes of politics. my 10-year-old asked about the 47% because he's heard it and learned it. but that's a moment of the president showing his humor and affection for kids and that's a great moment. >> let me interrupt. brian williams with the president, traveling with him for two days, is on the phone. you asked the president how he feels about mitt romney and
Oct 1, 2012 10:00am EDT
press club, this is about 1.5 hours. >> good afternoon. i am doug cox. welcome to our september luncheon. today's event is sponsored by the societies practice group, the lawyers chapter in the faculty division. our program is a little different from the regular lunches that take place in chinatown. there is no kung po on the menu. the new supreme court term promises to be one of those very important things. we have pulled together an all- star panel of experts to give us their thoughts and insights. our moderator today is pete williams. he is well known for being one of the first journalists along with his colleague to get this right on that december evening with the decision came down. we're grateful he is here today. >> each of our panelists has a set of want to talk about. whole time. >> into 2006 he became the first lawyer to fill a position, -- and is now in private practice. ken, please. >> i always thought it was dangerous to be on a panel that starts with a reference toi have been asked about three cases, and national security case, and then other cases. clapper vs. amnesty inter
Oct 19, 2012 7:00am EDT
not think the romney camp has figured on a way to get behind that yet. host: doug in boston, massachusetts is a democrat. caller: romney seems enthusiastic about going into iran with the israelis, however is a war crime without a chapter 7 resolution. george bush was recently advised not to travel to switzerland because of the laws of jurisdiction. guest: it would be an interesting question to hear responses from. i would point out it is not always a violation of international law to invade or attack a company without a chapter 7 resolution. there is the universal right of self-defense, but i remind the caller that if one country in invades the other, while that might not be legal, the country that is fighting back is not in violation of anything. host: matthew lee, you recently wrote a piece, "why it matters to israel to tell -- why it matters -- israel." how was this playing out. guest: i think mitt romney will try to expand on the idea that he brought up in the last debate, that president obama has tried to put distance between the united states and israel. it is indisputable that there
Oct 26, 2012 7:00am PDT
'll put this to you, doug, what to do to really make the application stand out. >> i think the best information i would give is to be authentic and describe who you are and let us understand what you want. don't write to us and tell us who you are because we're building a community, not filling a classroom. >> talking about the dreaded essay, of course. the point you is want to make it personal. can you tell when it's been overedited or adults have maybe even written it? >> yeah. a lot of times, particularly when the adults sign the application, you know -- >> does that really happen? >> that happens sometimes. it feels a little bit more packaged. it's not about the students so much when someone else is writing it. we don't hear their voice. we don't understand what makes them tick and that's what we're looking for. >> can you forgive something a little less than polished if you feel it's authentic? >> i think you can. i think at times, you know, it's an individual review. you look at everything, and you say, well, where does this fit in the whole package of the application? >> elle
Oct 25, 2012 1:00am EDT
when you have done nothing wrong. >> mayor, i'm state representative doug miller from texas. thank you for your compliments. appreciate that. we have been working hard and will continue to. that's one of the reasons i'm here today. i think another issue that you didn't address but i would like to hear your comments on is this election sls two different directions on whether we're going to allow -- i know i have several colleagues from other states, state legislators here but the direction of wh we're going to allow -- whether we're going to allow states to have their rights versus a stronger centralized federal government which hasn't worked on a number of occasions. i would like to hear your comments on state rights, federal rights and federalism. >> i think you're right. if president obama is re-elected there will be more concentration of power in washington. obamacare is a massive concentration of power in washington. all the new regulations, dodd-frank. it has to be one of the great ironies that it is named dodd-frank since it is named for the two people who probably did the most t
Oct 17, 2012 5:00pm EDT
, the republican. there are to march places in the face. doug campbell from the constitution party, and libertarian bailey. we are building online library of conversations with of a third-party and independent candidates. you can find them by going to and then looking for the colorado state of mind page. ahead of last night's second presidential debate. students that visited told us some of the issues most important to them in this campaign. >> the most important issue in this debate for me is the economy playing such a key factor in all of our lives and in america. >> i'm sarah. the most important issue in the debate for me is the rights. i believe that everyone should have the right to get married no matter what stage they are part of. >> i am a freshman here and i would like both mitt romney and president of, to say what they are going to do to stop the war in congress. >> my name is tom at hofstra university the most important issue is the job market. i want to know if there is a job for me out there when i graduate. >> senator jon tester and republican congressman are compet
Oct 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
representative doug miller from texas, sir thank you for your compliments. i appreciate that. we have been working hard and that's one of the reasons i'm here today. i think another issue that you didn't address, but i think to hear your comments on this at this election also is two different directions on whether we're going to allow, and i know several of my colleagues from other states, state legislators here. but the direction of whether we're going to allow states to have their right versus a stronger centralized federal government, which we see all over the world has not worked in a number of occasions. at that your comments on state rights versus federal rights. >> i think you're absolutely right. if president obama is reelected, they will be more concentration of power in washington. i mean, obama carries a massive concentration of power in washington. all of the new regulations, dodd-frank. doc frank has to be one of the great ironies that is famed dodd-frank. since his name for the two people who do most to create the financial crisis in the first place. right? i've been coming t
Oct 25, 2012 3:00am PDT
they send doug pfister to the mound. >> crazy after the game, they flash on the big jumbotron, tim smoke. it's an interesting park out there. >> it is. it's a great place. >> seriously, you're wearing that tie, in tribute. >> i like to think of the giants as a team of destiny. i like to think of this tie as a tie of destiny. >> keep thinking. >> president obama was on "leno" last night, talked about a wide range of things including this world series. here's what he said. >> this is one of those presidential decisions. no matter what you say, it's going to upset some people. you're going to vegas. you going to place a bet on the world series? who do you got? >> well, they're both great teams. detroit beat -- [ cheers ] -- they beat my white sox out of a pennant. they're an outstanding team. i will say that, you know, i have spent a lot of time in detroit lately. you know, i didn't want to let detroit go bankrupt. >> right, right. [ cheers and applause ] >> in this particular world series, i may be a little partial. >> but i want to point out one other thing. before tonight's game two of the w
Oct 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
. >> but it was a beautiful wedding. >> this thursday i went to see motown -- >> our friend doug morris is producing a musical on the life of barry gordie. >> it was a blast. in the middle of smoky robinson. >> who's that on the left? >> just someone else. >> anyway -- >> he's so cute. >> if you happen to be strolling through times square, and i hope are you on your way to the ticket sales, if you look up you will notice there is a big -- >> scandalous billboard. >> it is the, on broadway, between 46th and 47th. right in front of the tkts booth, where you can buy tickets. here's our little challenge for you. when you see that, if you're in new york on broadway between 46th and 47th. take a picture in front of it, be creative, be crazy. we're going to try to put them on the air and maybe we'll do something for the wackiest 6 all. >> absolutely we will. it's getting an awful lot of -- >> i'm sick of it. >> hoda is taking umbrage. >> swrt schwarzenegger has a new book out. it's upsetting a lot of people for a lot of reasons. >> first of all, you can't turn on tv without seeing him. he's on "60 minutes," on all t
Oct 17, 2012 12:00pm EDT
to actually happen then, and what are some areas where you can see a comprise happening? >> doug, you want to start? >> sure. i think it's important to recognize that really three different issues involved, and the first is the literally the fiscal cliff. the end of the tax increases and spending cuts that will happen on auto pilot. which i view as a tremendous threat to the economy. it's a recipe for recession. we have a weak economy that is moving side ways a the moment at best. and that's the issue we're going to face in the lame duck. that's the debt limit. it's going to be a february, administer issue. my own view you should keep it as far away from the fiscal cliff you can. there's nothing good that comes of intermixing the two. the third, the deal. which is we have to have a deal for the fundamental tax reforms and entitlement reforms so we have a debt burden sustainable for the future and -- we don't have that. so the lame duke, just focus on those. you shouldn't intermix the debt ceiling and pretended you're going get a deal. i think that's a mistake. and the whole job of the fisc
Oct 27, 2012 10:00am EDT
right over on this side. >> my name is doug. both of you are expert election watchers of the highest caliber so i was wondering if you can talk about super pacs and the new world of campaign finance. >> i can't wait for the real auts city when all is said and done about this. but as i said a little bit earlier the amount of money that's being spent especially on the republican side has been astro nomcal and the only reason why mitt romney isn't getting outspent by a great margin. at the same time, flooding money into the stms as an outside group is not always particularly helpful. first of all, no matter how smart these groups are -- and believe me, they're a heck of a lot smarter than the outside groups that used to be. they had a cause and they were going to spend a jlion dollars even if it was on some crazy thing. we need more jello-o in schools. that's what we're going to care about. now it's they are strategic, they have their own polling, they have their own media shops. they think they know, ok, here's how we need to move voters to our candidate. this is how we have to help mi
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)